Small Game Hunting With Your Favorite Crossbow

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Deer season is here for only a limited amount of time, and many hunters don’t even touch their equipment once it’s over. This is a big mistake, especially if you are a bow hunter. Not touching your bow for six, eight or more months will cripple you – keeping your hunting skills at an all-time high is the best preparation for the next season, and you can do so with small game hunting. Several weeks of pre-season practice can’t compete with round-the-year hunting.

Hunting small game doesn’t require the same equipment as hunting big game; you can do just fine with practice arrows.


Very common, squirrels are a good choice for people who prefer to use the best crossbow for hunting. The squirrel hunting seasons are quite long. In order to be successful at hunting them, you will have to sneak around trees and search for them in the treetops. Whether you wish to shoot while they are still on top of the three or you prefer waiting for them to come down to the ground is up to you. If you miss, they will usually be a bit spooked, but won’t really run away. They will stay close, so you will have more than enough chances of landing a successful hit. You should know that squirrels have very good sight, so you should camouflage in order to have better chances at hunting them.



Rabbits are another good target. Their population depends on what time of year it is, but they are quite widespread and there are always plenty of them. The most common places you will find them are edges of overgrown fields, briar patches or honeysuckle thickets. If you are hunting during snow season, you should easily spot them. A rabbit usually freezes in place when it sees you, so you should carefully search for their shiny eyes or pink ears. When hunting rabbits, you will usually be required to sneak around, so make sure you have the appropriate clothing as well – briar pants will keep you secure in the most unpleasant thickets.

One more species that is considered small game (not in all states, so make sure to check before you hunt them) are raccoons. The highest chances of spotting them are in near vicinity of recently cut cornfields, especially during dusk or dawn.

It’s best to wait for them near such cornfields and once they arrive, ready yourself for shooting them down.

Groundhogs and Marmots

These small game are considered pests and states usually have open season on them throughout the whole year, as their populations are quite vast.

You may think that small game hunting with your favorite barnett quad 400 hunting crossbow isn’t as thrilling as hunting does. Have you ever tried to shoot a rabbit? It’s actually more complicated than you might imagine at first. It takes some practice to approach such a small target without spooking it. You can choose your preferred game – rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels or some other small game species that’s abundant in your area. This is one of the best benefits of hunting such small game – most of them are free to hunt all year round and there are plenty of places where you can hunt them. The actual hit is easily done; chasing is the biggest thrill with small game.