Incredible Meringue Frosting

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This frosting is so dreamy. It’s like a sweet cloud decided to embrace the cake it is placed upon. It has a sort of ethereal glow as it is evenly spread over the waiting cake. I know that sounds silly and crazed, but, unfortunately, it is true. This frosting is awsome.

The idea is simple: whipping egg whites with sugar, the same as any meringue starts off. The difference is that this is lightly cooked in a double-boiler, so it becomes a bit squidgy like a fluffy marshmallow, but dissolves on the tongue as quickly as whipped cream. I am really not one to advocate making cakes from box mixes; making cakes from scratch is a deceivingly simple process. But, I do understand the merits of time-saving and I suppose a box-mix-cake is perfect for that. With that said, I would advocate a homemade frosting in the case of the box cake– I just can’t get into tubs of frosting, especially after having this delicious cloud plop down on a piece of moist cake.

This frosting is very malleable and, really, anything can be done to it! Say you make a chocolate cake (boxed mix or otherwise!) you could easily mix in a little shredded coconut and a dash of coconut rum and have a chocolate and coconut cake in a flash. You could make a simple vanilla cake and use this frosting with vanilla extract and arrange strawberries on top for a wonderful play-off of strawberry shortcake. The mind reels. The only catch is that this cake does not keep well and it is best eaten within a few hours of being frosted– but why would you even want to wait? Not to extol its glories to tedium, but this is also damned easy to make and the return you get while eating it is incomparable.

Meringue Frosting

In this version, I used honey, but light corn syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, rice syrup… anything like that– just be mindful that the flavor of what you use will come through. The texture may vary a little, but the job is still done. Also, any kind of extract can be used (I actually used genuine hazelnut extract in the sample pictures!)… so get creative! Just prepare the mixture in your vegetable noodle maker and, of course, you can add any food coloring you wish– add it in when you mix in the extract.




  • 3egg white
  • spinch salt
  • 1/4 cupsugar
  • 1/3 cuphoney, or alternates as listed above
  • 2 tsp.extract of your choice (amount can vary)
  • sprinkles or whatever you’d like to use to decorate


Create a double boiler by placing a heat=proof bowl on top of a small pot with about an inch of water in it. Set it to medium low heat and allow it to simmer. Be mindful that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water in the pot, as it will scorch the frosting if it gets too hot.Put all the ingredients except for the extract and sprinkles and use an electric hand mixer to whip the eggs until they get fluffy and beautiful. It will take a few minutes, so don’t worry if it seems like nothing is happening.


As the bowl warms, the frosting will start to get this pearly glow about it. When it gets stiff enough to hold its place and a luxurious strand flops back over in a very picturesque way, remove it from the heat, pour in the extracts, and continue to beat for a few minutes, just to allow it to cool. Frost your cake immediately with this gorgeous meringue and top quickly with your sprinkles– the very top of it will develop a delicate skin that will not hold a topping as easily.