Small Game Hunting With Your Favorite Crossbow

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Deer season is here for only a limited amount of time, and many hunters don’t even touch their equipment once it’s over. This is a big mistake, especially if you are a bow hunter. Not touching your bow for six, eight or more months will cripple you – keeping your hunting skills at an all-time high is the best preparation for the next season, and you can do so with small game hunting. Several weeks of pre-season practice can’t compete with round-the-year hunting.

Hunting small game doesn’t require the same equipment as hunting big game; you can do just fine with practice arrows.


Very common, squirrels are a good choice for people who prefer to use the best crossbow for hunting. The squirrel hunting seasons are quite long. In order to be successful at hunting them, you will have to sneak around trees and search for them in the treetops. Whether you wish to shoot while they are still on top of the three or you prefer waiting for them to come down to the ground is up to you. If you miss, they will usually be a bit spooked, but won’t really run away. They will stay close, so you will have more than enough chances of landing a successful hit. You should know that squirrels have very good sight, so you should camouflage in order to have better chances at hunting them.



Rabbits are another good target. Their population depends on what time of year it is, but they are quite widespread and there are always plenty of them. The most common places you will find them are edges of overgrown fields, briar patches or honeysuckle thickets. If you are hunting during snow season, you should easily spot them. A rabbit usually freezes in place when it sees you, so you should carefully search for their shiny eyes or pink ears. When hunting rabbits, you will usually be required to sneak around, so make sure you have the appropriate clothing as well – briar pants will keep you secure in the most unpleasant thickets.

One more species that is considered small game (not in all states, so make sure to check before you hunt them) are raccoons. The highest chances of spotting them are in near vicinity of recently cut cornfields, especially during dusk or dawn.

It’s best to wait for them near such cornfields and once they arrive, ready yourself for shooting them down.

Groundhogs and Marmots

These small game are considered pests and states usually have open season on them throughout the whole year, as their populations are quite vast.

You may think that small game hunting with your favorite barnett quad 400 hunting crossbow isn’t as thrilling as hunting does. Have you ever tried to shoot a rabbit? It’s actually more complicated than you might imagine at first. It takes some practice to approach such a small target without spooking it. You can choose your preferred game – rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels or some other small game species that’s abundant in your area. This is one of the best benefits of hunting such small game – most of them are free to hunt all year round and there are plenty of places where you can hunt them. The actual hit is easily done; chasing is the biggest thrill with small game.

Incredible Meringue Frosting

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This frosting is so dreamy. It’s like a sweet cloud decided to embrace the cake it is placed upon. It has a sort of ethereal glow as it is evenly spread over the waiting cake. I know that sounds silly and crazed, but, unfortunately, it is true. This frosting is awsome.

The idea is simple: whipping egg whites with sugar, the same as any meringue starts off. The difference is that this is lightly cooked in a double-boiler, so it becomes a bit squidgy like a fluffy marshmallow, but dissolves on the tongue as quickly as whipped cream. I am really not one to advocate making cakes from box mixes; making cakes from scratch is a deceivingly simple process. But, I do understand the merits of time-saving and I suppose a box-mix-cake is perfect for that. With that said, I would advocate a homemade frosting in the case of the box cake– I just can’t get into tubs of frosting, especially after having this delicious cloud plop down on a piece of moist cake.

This frosting is very malleable and, really, anything can be done to it! Say you make a chocolate cake (boxed mix or otherwise!) you could easily mix in a little shredded coconut and a dash of coconut rum and have a chocolate and coconut cake in a flash. You could make a simple vanilla cake and use this frosting with vanilla extract and arrange strawberries on top for a wonderful play-off of strawberry shortcake. The mind reels. The only catch is that this cake does not keep well and it is best eaten within a few hours of being frosted– but why would you even want to wait? Not to extol its glories to tedium, but this is also damned easy to make and the return you get while eating it is incomparable.

Meringue Frosting

In this version, I used honey, but light corn syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, rice syrup… anything like that– just be mindful that the flavor of what you use will come through. The texture may vary a little, but the job is still done. Also, any kind of extract can be used (I actually used genuine hazelnut extract in the sample pictures!)… so get creative! Just prepare the mixture in your vegetable noodle maker and, of course, you can add any food coloring you wish– add it in when you mix in the extract.




  • 3egg white
  • spinch salt
  • 1/4 cupsugar
  • 1/3 cuphoney, or alternates as listed above
  • 2 tsp.extract of your choice (amount can vary)
  • sprinkles or whatever you’d like to use to decorate


Create a double boiler by placing a heat=proof bowl on top of a small pot with about an inch of water in it. Set it to medium low heat and allow it to simmer. Be mindful that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water in the pot, as it will scorch the frosting if it gets too hot.Put all the ingredients except for the extract and sprinkles and use an electric hand mixer to whip the eggs until they get fluffy and beautiful. It will take a few minutes, so don’t worry if it seems like nothing is happening.


As the bowl warms, the frosting will start to get this pearly glow about it. When it gets stiff enough to hold its place and a luxurious strand flops back over in a very picturesque way, remove it from the heat, pour in the extracts, and continue to beat for a few minutes, just to allow it to cool. Frost your cake immediately with this gorgeous meringue and top quickly with your sprinkles– the very top of it will develop a delicate skin that will not hold a topping as easily.

Dry Herb Vapes

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People are becoming more health conscious when it comes to their cannabis consumption. In recent years the popularity of herb vaporizers has sky rocketed. With so many options on the market it can be tough to find a model that suits your needs. The purpose of this article is to help compare what I consider to be the best dry herb vaporizers of a few differing categories. Obviously the first big choice you need to make is portable or desktop. There are plenty of options in each category however some (myself included) will feel slightly underwhelmed with the experience of a portable vaporizer after a while.Portable dry herb vaporizers:

A lot of people have been put of portable vaporizers due to a single bad experience. There are so many low quality vaporizers on the market that this is not surprising. Low quality design and manufacturing lead to the vaporizer burning the product, entirely defeating the purpose. A lot of people want a “pen style” vaporizer, the truth is there is not a single pen style dry herb vaporizer that I could recommend. They are intricate and break easily and as previously mentioned that burn the herb, couple this with a small battery and it’s not a lot of fun. As the market grows and more is invested into research and development hopefully we will see some good contenders in this category sometime soon. For now, stay away from dry herb pen vapes.

If you are looking for the best dry herb vaporizer I highly recommend you keep saving and buy the right vape for your needs first time. The lowest price point I can recommend is $119 (we will get to this later), going any cheaper than this is going to end in disappointment. Based on the experiences from my friends I also recommend that you stay away from ebay for the most part unless you can find a reputable seller; note that some retailers will not honour the warranty if you purchase from ebay.

Next you need to be honest about how you plan to use your vape, if you plan to use it around the house portability isn’t such an issue. It’s a really cool felling vaping inside without the worry of too much smell. Secondly consider your tolerance, luckily vaping is very strong and initially you will not need much to get where you want to be, however overtime your tolerance will develop based on how often you vape and how much you consume. If you indulge a few times a week or less this will not be an issue for you, however the daily vapers will need to heavily consider this in their decision making process. I’ll talk more about this with each individual vape later.

This was the first vaporizer that I purchased and I still have it and use it to this day. Ill be honest, it has a rather dorky design, however there are a ton of good this to say about this small unit. Initially I would like to talk about this price of this product, $119 seems like a lot to pay for something so seemingly simple. The magic flight launch box is simple and I think this is a huge benefit, simple things break less. This vape is handmade with beautiful hardwood right here in the USA, I love a company that stands behind its product and that’s exactly what magic flight do. Purchased through an authorized retailer the MFLB has a lifetime warranty. I have had to warranty my unit and it was a pain free process, it wasn’t even their fault my dog chewed it yet they replaced it regardless. I think the warranty alone justifies the price point.

As previously mentioned the design is very simple, a high capacity battery heats and stainless steel screen which radiates heat at the perfect temperature to vaporize your herb. I should mention how deceptively small this unit really is, I intentionally snapped the stem to shorten in order to make it more portable. After doing this I can fit it in the palm of my hand and use it easily in public if I desire.

Pssst want to know a secret?

Pssst want to know a secret?

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Being a Spiritual person is not as intense and complicated as we are led to believe. How many people have brought the latest self help book and then 4 weeks later it ends up leaning against the exercise bike you brought last fall to get rid of the christmas pounds. Both covered with good intentions and a few hundred cobwebs.

But did you know you do not have to go to a monastry to learn how to meditate? You can read a good book, paint a master piece, ride a bike in nature or go for a walk along the beach. It is not about torturing yourself by placing your legs in positions which cut of all blood circulation or going to another dimension and meeting Elvis. The movie Happy Gilmour summed it up best it is about going to your happy place. It is about being at peace no matter what chaos is around you. Some of us find it when we garden, some when we paint others can simply close their eyes to the world and take themselves to the place of their most happiest memories. You do not have to meditate for hours on end if all it takes is 5 minutes of closing your eyes to bring you back into balance then maybe this is all you need.

Pssst want to know a secret?

The second misconception is the pathway someone else took will bring you the same results maybe but maybe not. A lot of people go into things with high expectations and then when it doesn’t pan how the book or person said it would they are left feeling inadequate. If you are a religious person you might ponder the fact God didn’t give the same tools to all the people who helped shape the story of the bible. If you are not a religious person you might contemplate some people can use a drill while others end up in the emergency ward. It is simply about finding the right tools that you can work with and here is a little secret you can pick and choose and even swap them. If you think a zen meditation will help you but you really like the pagan concepts of Mother Earth then combine the two go out in the Forrest and sit against a tree to meditate. I am sure the New Age police will not arrest you for being creative.

Then there is manifestation another ‘Oh I tried to visualise a porche but all I got was a headache’. Remember the saying ‘A journey begins with a single step’ it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than taking a single step towards your goal everyday. When you go on a trip you start by finding the best airfare, getting passports, book accomodation and so on. So would it not make sense if you wanted a porche you would get a job which paid more you would budget maybe go back to school to increase your qualifications. If you wanted to shift towns you would find out what rents were like in the new place what your living expenses would be what the jobs were like then you would implement a plan step by step. Maybe go visit and line up a job maybe think about a different job look at units. And here is another little secret to ponder if you do not know who you are at the core of your being all you will manifest is an illusion. If you haven’t done the work the healing the acknowledgment of your realities you are going to create a superficial dream world. And here is another thing to contemplate in all my years as a Medium I have yet to see anyone slip a Mercedes Benz through the pearly gates.

Pssst want to know a secret?

The greatest gift you will ever be given is your next breathe. It is that simple. And if you can wrap your head around the fact there are no guarentees there might be another one then you will know what being a spiritual person means. It is a walk of gratitude one where each moment becomes important because there may not be another one. We push our mortality aside in this society it is the forbidden topic as we rush to plastic surgeons and gyms to keep the illusion of youth alive. As a Medium I know how many words never get spoken because we always take for granted that next breath. It amazes me people do not get it….it being this: If it needs to be said say it now if you want to do it do it now if you need to fix it fix it now.

So take a breathe slow down find your happy place tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, pack the family up and spend the day at the zoo. Oh and phone your mother! If you do all of these things you are living a spiritual life see not that complicated after all!